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Local population encouraged to increase daily sessions of teeth cleaning |19 July 2019

While the Seychellois people are well aware and educated about the importance of oral hygiene through the media, they are advised to increase the daily sessions of cleaning, with a minimum of 3 times a day, up to 5 times.

This was said by the owner and director of ITALDENT, Dr Stefano Rosso, who has been a practicing dentist for 30 years. He has previously worked in two dental clinics in Italy and has been working at ITALDENT for almost 5 years.

“The number of daily cleaning sessions depends on how often a person eats during the day and also, on the type of food. For example if you drink or eat something with sugar, it is better to clean the teeth soon after,” said Dr Rosso.

“When you brush your teeth, you remove dirt from the mouth and also a large amount of the bacteria that cause problems like caries and periodontal pockets, so it is very helpful to brush the teeth many times a day”.

However, he cautions that one should not brush their teeth much more than 5 times a day because over time, this can cause retraction of the gums, and it can excavate the vestibular part of the teeth.

The correct system to clean the teeth, he explains, is to move the toothbrush in up and down motions with the arcades open.

It is also important to use dental floss once or twice a day, and especially when you have eaten meat which can get trapped between the teeth.

Very helpful is to buy and use a water jet which is a machine that produces strong water pressure from its point.

The water jet helps to remove residual food between the teeth and at the same time, it massages the gums which improves their health.

The correct system to avoid bad breath, to keep the teeth white and to avoid caries and periodontal problems, is also to clean the mouth and teeth daily, and to use a mouthwash regularly.

Dr Rosso notes that it is also important to have a periodical check at the dentist and to have a professional cleaning (minimum once a year).

For further information, contact ITALDENT:

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