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Yellow Roof and Green Roof Covid-19 vaccination centres move to new locations |04 March 2021

Yellow Roof and Green Roof Covid-19 vaccination centres move to new locations

Health staff during the relocation process

The Covid-19 vaccination centres previously located at Yellow Roof and Green Roof Buildings have moved their services to the Mont Fleuri district administration office and the International Conference Centre at ICCS respectively.

The move, which took place yesterday, is necessary to relieve the space once occupied by the centres. This will allow the services normally offered in the two buildings to resume operations.

Members of staff of the vaccination centres started transferring their equipment and furniture early in the morning and had completed set-up at the new locations by midday.

A nurse present during the move described the process as quick and commended her colleagues for the coordinated effort.

While the two centres had remained closed during the day to facilitate the relocation, they will be open from 8am today to continue administering the Covid-19 vaccines to the population.

The centres will resume operations with administration of the first dose of the Covishield vaccines to persons aged 18 years and above.

The Ministry of Health has also reinforced that members of the public will be reminded of the new locations for administration of the second dose of the vaccines.

Meanwhile, as of Tuesday March 2, 2021, a total of 28,968 people had taken the first dose of the Sinopharm vaccines and 24,582 had taken both doses.

On the other hand, 27,175 people had taken their first shot of the Covishield and only four had had their second jab.


Press release from the Ministry of Health

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