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CBS to resume normal banking and over-the-counter services |05 March 2021

The Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS) will be resuming normal banking and over-the-counter services as from Monday March 8, 2021, in line with new measures announced by the Ministry of Health.

CBS’ operating hours between Monday to Friday will be from 8.30am to 12.30pm. Cash deposits and withdrawals by government ministries and departments, cashing of government cheques by government agencies/individuals and cheque deposits will be accepted up to 12.30pm during working days.

Members of the public will also be able to have access to the following services from 8.30am to 12.30pm between Monday to Friday:

• Exchange of demonetised Seychelles rupee banknotes

• Exchange of damaged or mutilated Seychelles rupee banknotes and coins

• Sale of commemorative coins, coin packs and currency booklets

• Coin collection exercise for individuals without a bank account

The resumption of these services will be done in strict adherence to guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health. Customers accessing the CBS building and Banking Hall are expected to continue to adhere to the health and safety measures in place, which include temperature checks, name and contact details registration, as well as wearing of mask, physical distancing and hand sanitisation.

While the banking and over-the-counter services will resume normal operations, CBS maintains prior arrangements for other services and engagements with the public.

Details of Treasury Bills auction including the auction date, indicative issuance amount and issuance date will continue to be posted on the CBS website and an announcement of the auction date will be made on television, three working days prior. It is to be noted that a monthly Treasury Bills Issuance Calendar is being posted on the websites of the CBS and Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Trade.

Successful bidders and applicants will continue to be informed through text messages, email or phone call.

However, payment for successful bids will be accepted through Bank Transfer only.

Assistance to members of the public requiring guidance on the bidding process will be done remotely, by telephone on 4282000 and via email to

Complaints received from the public against institutions falling under its regulatory purview, if these have not been resolved after first being referred to the concerned institutions, will also be handled remotely, by telephone and email.

For enquiries about services offered by CBS and complaints against institutions under its regulatory purview, the public should contact the CBS number 4282000, and choose the appropriate line to be directed for necessary guidance or support. The public can also email for guidance, support or complaints, relating to both the operational aspects as well as relief measures.

CBS also maintains emphasis on the use of electronic means of communication for correspondences with its external stakeholders and the general public, including the use of email for submission of all correspondences to CBS, which are normally delivered by post or submitted by hand-delivery. This can be done via

The CBS will continue to monitor the developments surrounding the Covid-19 situation and will revise and communicate any changes to its operations as and when the need arises, in line with guidance and measures announced by the Ministry of Health.


Press release from the CBS

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