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Benjamin male winner, Mauritian Andhin takes women’s prize |08 April 2021

Benjamin male winner, Mauritian Andhin takes women’s prize

Benjamin Hoareau is the winner of the open section of the Seychelles Easter Open chess championship played on Saturday.

Hoareau garnered 6.5 points to finish ahead of Mauritian Stephan Lam. Both runner-up Lam and third place finisher Andrei Balabanov finished with six points.

Mauritian Lam was in the lead until Seychellois Harish Pillay halted his march in the final round, allowing Hoareau to take the lead. Pillay finished fourth overall.

The women’s winner was Mauritian Chethanah Andhin with 4.5 points, relegating Seychellois Rachelle Hoareau into second place. As for Jeanne D’Arc Abel also of Seychelles, she was ranked third with 3 points.

A total of 42 players from 10 countries ‒ Seychelles, Mauritius, Greece, Switzerland, Russia, Venezuela, Ukraine, Philippines, Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina ‒ took part in the virtual tournament played over nine rounds of 10 minutes each.

The competition was organised by the Seychelles Chess Federation.

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