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NCC condemns “atrocious” viral video of indecent dancing by children |20 April 2021

Following a video of some young children displaying indecent dancing and inappropriate conduct, the National Council for Children (NCC) takes a stance to condemn such behaviour and strongly requests that parents, guardians, carers and adults in general do not condone such behaviour.

“Children imitate what they see, hear and are faced with within their environment. NCC strongly believes that children of this age should be able to keep their innocence and virtuousness. They should not be exposed to explicit materials, language and inappropriate visual contents or be encouraged to behave in unacceptable ways by older children or adults,” says the chief executive of NCC, Yasmin Umarji.

“NCC condemns the filming and photographic recording of indecent scenes for circulation and dissemination via social media platforms. We are very disturbed and disappointed by this video. Politicians and other key stakeholders have been emphasising and stressing about the need to safeguard and protect children as a key priority. We are very concerned that family members or friends have allowed such an act to be filmed and widely circulated. This demonstrates their irresponsibility and lack of understanding of the need to safeguard and protect the children of Seychelles. They are to be reprimanded and shamed in order to prevent this from happening again,” Ms Umarji says.

“The NCC deplores such an act and pleads to all parents and guardians to become more responsible in promoting the practice of good values, be it in the homes or communities. After all, a parent is a child’s first teacher and should remain their best teacher throughout their life,” adds Ms Umarji.


Press release from NCC

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