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Lobster fishery season closes at midnight today |20 April 2021

Licensed lobster fishers are being informed that the lobster fishery season will close today, Tuesday April 20, 2021, at midnight.

As such, the last day that the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) will be observing landing catch at the fishing port will be tomorrow, Wednesday April 21, 2021.

SFA has noticed that there is some confusion among licensed lobster fishers on the closure date of the lobster season after reports published by some media houses stating that the lobster season will close on April 21. That is not the case.

The lobster fishery season opened on December 21, 2020 and was expected to close on the March 21, 2021.

However, following legitimate complaints by licensed lobster fishers, that bad weather especially during the month of December greatly affected their fishing activities, a decision was therefore taken to extend the season for an additional 30 days.

SFA would like to remind fishermen and the public in general that it is an offence under the fisheries act and fisheries regulations to fish for lobster without a valid license and also while the season is closed.

It is also an offence to purchase lobster from fishermen and other individuals who do not have a valid lobster fisher license.

SFA’s enforcement unit will be patrolling all landing sites and retail outlets to ensure no illegal fishing and illegal sales/trading of locally fished lobsters are taking place.


Press release from SFA


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