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Chess: Seychelles Saturday Bliss |21 April 2021

Chess: Seychelles Saturday Bliss

The top-three winners

Sheila Chua wins top prize as Seychellois quintet leads standings

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the local chess governing body is still finding ways to keep players and enthusiasts active through various virtual competitions, with the Saturday Bliss being the latest to be organised.

Hosted last Saturday by the Seychelles Chess Federation (SCF), the tournament gathered both local and international players who battled in the nine-round event.

The Saturday Bliss attracted players from Seychelles, Mauritius, Cuba, Russia, South Sudan, Brazil and Germany, with a local quintet taking the top five spots.

Sheila Chua was the grand winner, finishing top with 8.5 points, ahead of second-placed Ragul Pillay who collected a total of 6 points.

Zacharia Kafuko was third overall, also on 6 points, ahead of Harish Pillay who clinched the fourth spot.

With 5.5 points, Navin Pillay completed Seychelles’ top-five sweep, finishing ahead of Mauritian Chethanah Andhin who also earned 5.5 points to be the first foreigner in the final ranking.

Seychelles’ Rajaganesan Ramachanran finished seventh overall on 5.5 points, ahead of compatriot Seenu Anandan who was eighth overall with the same points tally.

Veteran local player Robin Bonne was ninth overall with 5 points as he finished ahead of Mauritian David Koon who also collected 5 points.


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