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The ardent fashion & cosmetics advocate: Top 8 beauty products of 2021 |23 April 2021

In a chat with Misa Lablache, a stylish, trendy and passionate advocate for fashion and cosmetics, she shares with us a few of the industry’s products which will be stocked on her dresser throughout this year.

Misa is a Seychellois living in a fashionable and glitzy region of the world, and has been enthralled with the world of fashion and cosmetics since she was a little girl.

“I would often play dress up, do up my eyes and lips in vibrant, bold colours and walk around in my aunts’ high heels that were well too big for my little feet at the time. I was also obsessed with big wavy hair and desperately wanted mine to look like the girls’ hair from the legendary girl band of the 80s - The Bangles.”

As she got older, Misa says that her sense of fashion and concept of beauty evolved, and that taking care of her skin became a top priority for her.

“I now prefer analogous shades for make-up and I follow a simple beauty and skin care routine that enhances the natural beauty of the skin and slows down ageing. Having and maintaining my beauty routine is a constant and worthy investment and has been especially crucial during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Below, Misa shares with us the top 8 beauty products that she says she most certainly cannot live without this year.


Collagen powder

I love the combination of marine collagen peptides, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid in this product as they all play a vital role in keeping my skin, hair and nails healthy. Collagen helps with hair repair and growth. It also increases skin elasticity, hence slowing down the ageing process. I drink 1 scoop of collagen powder in a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice during the week or in my home made green juice on weekends, at least one hour before breakfast. The powder can also be added to your favourite brew or coffee. You will begin seeing the results in your skin, hair and nails within two weeks of using the product consistently.


Mud mask

I have been using this exfoliating Hungarian mud mask for nearly two years now. It is enriched with magnesium, calcium, humic and fulvic acid that deeply cleanses and detoxifies the skin. I always look forward to treating my skin every week with this amazing product and love how my face looks brighter and smoother after using it.


Face serum

I absolutely love The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid + B5 serum. This vegan based, light formula absorbs quickly and leaves my skin visibly hydrated and plump throughout the day. It is very easy to use, affordable and just as effective as some of the costlier face serums on the market at the moment. I use it all over my face and neck every day.


Elemis Pro-Collagen marine cream

This is another brilliant product that I cannot live without. I use it every day over my face and neck after I have applied my face serum. I love the texture of this cream and its pleasant marine scent. It is a luxury cream that delivers instant results and is absolutely worth the splurge.


Semi-permanent eyelashes

It has definitely been less exciting for me to wear full face make-up during the pandemic as half of my face is covered by a mask most of the time. Instead, my focus has been my eyes, particularly my eyelashes. I love the semi-permanent / individual eyelashes that are currently trending in the United States and Europe as these look more natural, and because they are individual lashes, you can choose how full or long you want them to be. Getting them done is a time commitment, however the result is impressive and with proper care, they can last up to three weeks.


Lustre lipstick by MAC

This is my absolute favourite shade of lipstick from MAC and it goes everywhere with me. It is a beautiful peach shade with a lustrous finish. Most days I wear it on its own and other times over another shade.


Manicures and pedicures

Contrary to popular belief, a ‘mani pedi’ is not an occasional luxury but a weekly necessity for me. It is all about caring for my nails and keeping them healthy. There is nothing more satisfying to look at than neat and freshly-painted nails. Getting a ‘mani pedi’ also allows me to temporarily switch off from everything and be present in the moment. Whether I do my nails myself or at a salon, the experience is always very relaxing. As we are now in Spring, my favourite nail colours are pastels and neutrals by Tito Nail Polishes.




Who does not love a good perfume? Perfume makes you smell pleasant longer and enhances your mood. It is also a fashion statement! The perfume you wear can tell a lot about you. I tend to like different scents at different times of the year. At the moment, my absolute favourite day wear scent is Bloom by Gucci.This is a gorgeous perfume with light floral notes and just the right amount of sweetness, perfect for the fun and modern woman.



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