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International Aids Candlelight Memorials day tomorrow ‘We remember, We take action, We live beyond HIV’ |15 May 2021

On the third Sunday of May every year, many countries across the globe will light a candle to celebrate International Aids Candlelight Memorials.

On this day, we reflect on the Aids pandemic and the millions of lives that have gone. This lighted candle help us to remember the past when we lost our loved ones who died of Aids and it also lights up our future so that we can take action that keep us safe, healthy and alive.

It is also an occasion to honour those who devoted their time to care for people living with HIV, those who continue to fight stigma and discrimination and those who help create a conducive environment whereby people living with HIV can live in dignity and make their contribution towards society.

With the health restrictions in place that prohibit mass gathering, Haso (HIV/Aids Support Organisation) has refrained from organising outdoor community based activities, but the organisation is making an appeal to the nation on this day, to make a commitment and demonstrate our solidarity with people living with HIV. We can contribute to break all barriers of stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV and give hope to the new generation so that they live in a world free from HIV.


Press release from Haso


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