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Chinese embassy donates daily supplies to Seychelles health care workers |15 May 2021

Chinese embassy donates daily supplies to Seychelles health care workers

Ambassador Guo (centre) handed over the donation to PHA chief executive Dr Louange and his deputy, Mrs Cecile

In view of the surge in Covid-19 cases in Seychelles and to express its support to the Seychelles government and health care workers in the fight against the pandemic, the Chinese embassy in Seychelles has donated to the health care workers 150 boxes of daily supplies including milk, juice, biscuits, coffee and shampoo of a value of R100,000.

Dr Danny Louange, chief executive (CEO) of the Health Care Agency and his deputy Kathleen Cecile received the donation at the Ministry of Health.

Chinese Ambassador Guo Wei said “we highly appreciate all Seychellois health care workers for their devotion, hard work and great contributions they’ve made to the country. They are doing their very best, round the clock, not only those working on the frontline in the fight against Covid-19, but also those holding fast to their position such as in the casualty unit to safeguard the health and security of all Seychellois and residents. The health care workers are at high risk of infection and some of them have already been infected. We are deeply touched by their immense sacrifices, invaluable dedication, commitment and unwavering efforts. We would like to express our respect, appreciation and sympathies to all Seychellois health care workers”.

“The daily supplies donated today are a small token of our appreciation and we hope this could lend more strength to the health care workers, boost their energy and wish they could take good care of themselves during the fight. We are convinced that, with the solidarity and all people continuing to respect and practice the public health measures such as wearing masks properly, keeping physical distance, etc., the coronavirus will be well contained soon,” said Ambassador Guo.



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