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New online matchmaking service to be launched today |17 May 2021

New online matchmaking service to be launched today is a new company that offers Seychellois an online matchmaking service. Nou metye se trouv lanmour/ Lanmour, konmans par pwente are a few of Bouldou’s slogans and targets.

The aim of Bouldou is to help the single adult over 18 years to connect with others through common interests, develop attractions and date online. Bouldou has several features that enable even couples looking to better their relationships through counselling as well as a platform for friends to come together and participate in various blogs. The main priority remains to find matches for the single adults who can eventually meet  offline to proceed with what could lead to a serious consented and loving relationship. will be launched today, Monday May 17, to commemorate the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. The purpose of this day is to help raise awareness of the possibilities that the use of the Internet and other information and communication technologies can bring to societies and economies, as well as of ways to bridge the digital divide.

“We are living in the new normal,” says Betty Mondon, the founder of Bouldou. “We know that the use of social media has been more apparent over the past year and with our need to stay connected and with the restrictions on groupings, how can people meet, date and get to know each other? That’s where Bouldou comes in! We have a small dynamic team working to ensure that the single people out there have a chance and that our platform attains its objectives.” 

Bouldou is the first of its kind solely for Seychellois to use anywhere in the world. There are a 2 photo identification process upon registration where users will have to upload a new close up photo of themselves in one slot and their N.I.N or passport photo and details in the other slot. Users are encouraged to read the Privacy Policy before doing so. Security is key and Bouldou ensures ultimate security and confidentiality of its users documents. Note that other users will not have access to such registration documents. This measure is in place to ensure that only Seychellois are the ones Admin can approve onto the platform. There will be little room for fake accounts and fraud accounts. We are aware that there will always be breach of the system, for example upon registration a user can hand over his/her account to others for activities not relating to the goals of Bouldou. Admin will be on the lookout to block these activities as well as obscene videos and photos which will be deleted on sight.

Bouldou encourages users to seek connections through personalities and interests and less on physical appearances. Bouldou condemns predators that are seeking to attack and cause harm to other users mentally and physically. Users have the ability to block such predators and/or report them to Admin. Bouldou emphasises on users’ responsibilities to “take care” while on the dating site; dangers are everywhere. Hence to go through the Terms of Use carefully while registering onto the platform. Users must tread carefully and be safe online.

All good and interactive websites have to be updated, introduce new features and deliver on customers’ needs and wants. Bouldou will be introducing features as and when ready, new levels and services, gifts for users to buy and have delivered to other users and more. Advertisement slots for public and private companies to use the space to showcase their businesses as well as upcoming events are available.

“In our creole tradition, our ‘granmoun’ went through the stage of ‘pwente’; they got to know each other before any physical or sexual activities. I hope in this new normal, we can still ‘pwente’ with Bouldou even if it is over the internet,” said Mrs Mondon. 


“The hope is that Seychellois use this platform fully and respectfully. You often hear couples’ stories about how they met and I was always fascinated with couples who met on Facebook! I feel like many guys and girls are being let down on Facebook because it is not the ideal platform to seek a relationship of that level. Someone may not want you sending them a ‘Hi cheri!’ everyday for the past 2 years! But everyone on Bouldou will not be upset when they get a ‘Hi!’ or ‘how are you?’, ‘do you want to chat?’ because that is indeed the right platform.”






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