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New private medical practice opens its doors at Cascade |10 April 2019

New private medical practice opens its doors at Cascade

Dr Shah

A new private clinic called Revival Health Centre, specialising in services for children, adults, disabled and pensioners was officially opened by Health Minister Jean-Paul Adam at Petit Paris last week.

The clinic is owned by Dr Satyen Shah who has 30 years of experience in the medical field as well as working in a private clinic here in Seychelles prior to opening his own practice.

“Our clinic is different from other private health facilities in a way that we offer our services at a very low price,” said Dr Shah.

“We offer a discounted price for disabled people and pensioners because we feel that they are struggling with their life and their ailments and this is our way of being charitable and helping them out,” he added.

The services on offer by the clinic includes infrared heater for pain relief, dressing and minor surgeries and blood collection and testing among many others.

“Compared to other private practice our price is significantly low but our service is excellent,” added Dr Shah.

In addition to its services, the clinic will soon be offering a new kind of service called Mega dosing of vitamin C. Vitamin C mega dosage is a term describing the consumption or injection of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in doses well beyond the current recommended dietary allowance of 90mg/day, and often well beyond the tolerable upper intake level of 2,000mg/day.

Vitamin C mega doses are advocated for people suffering from heart diseases and illnesses ranging from cancer to Aids to the common cold.

Revival Health Centre will be the first health centre to offer this service in Seychelles.

“Along with the services, all of our medicine are branded, and with my 30 years of experience as a doctor I can guarantee the best possible service. Our clinic is not a business but a way to help out the community and offer them a reliable and affordable health care,” added Dr Shah.


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