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Marine Spatial Planning for the Joint Management Area with Mauritius |07 August 2019

Marine Spatial Planning for the Joint Management Area with Mauritius

Delegates at the meeting

Seychelles delegation attends workshop in Mauritius


The principal secretary for the Blue Economy, Kenneth Racombo in his capacity as the chair of the Joint Commission for the Joint Management Area Seychelles-Mauritius is leading a delegation from Seychelles at the Scenario Workshop for the MSP for the Joint Management Area (JMA) in Mauritius organised and funded by the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme).

The UNDP-JMA Demonstration Project is a GEF (Global Environmental Fund) funded project for US $2.2 million and implemented by UNDP, with an overall objective of identifying and demonstrating new management approaches and techniques concerning ocean governance, data management and marine spatial planning in a new environment of shared jurisdiction of the extended continental shelf.

The participants of the workshop are expected to exchange views on the vision and the scale and scope for the MSP for the JMA which will provide an indication for the framework for management of the area based an ecosystem approach. This workshop will also start the discussions on the zoning framework.

The ongoing discussions and technical deliberations are of vital importance towards the continued cordial collaboration between Mauritius and Seychelles.

The members of delegation are from various stakeholders of the project and are key partners in the management of the JMA. They include representatives from the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change; the Ministry of Housing, Lands, Infrastructure and Transport; the department of the Blue Economy; PetroSeychelles Ltd; the Seychelles Coast Guard and the Attorney General’s Office.

The workshop is also being attended by stakeholders and key partners from Mauritius from similar areas of expertise.

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