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Cable & Wireless Seychelles supports Futuro Sports Sesel, Neo Volleyball Club   |06 November 2021

Cable & Wireless Seychelles supports Futuro Sports Sesel, Neo Volleyball Club   

Mr Laurence of Cable & Wireless Seychelles (first right) hands over the cheque to Mr Panayi (first left) in the presence of three young players

Cable & Wireless Seychelles through the CWS Foundation has extended its support to the causes of Futuro Sports Sesel and Neo Volleyball Club through financial assistance.

The two sporting clubs were presented with a cheque for R75,000 each to support their programmes of activities for the youth.

Cable & Wireless Seychelles’ director for legal, regulatory and corporate compliance Martin Laurence, presented the cheques to the chairman of Futuro Sports Sesel, Lucas Panayi, and manager of Neo Volleyball Club, Ralph Dine.

Present for the donation which took place at the Exiles Club were representatives of the two clubs and staff of Cable & Wireless Seychelles (CWS). It is the fifth time that CWS has sponsored the Neo Volleyball Club and the third time it is sponsoring Futuro Sports Sesel.

The chairman of Futuro Sports Sesel and manager of Neo Volleyball Club thanked CWS for its continued support in their causes towards the youth who form part of their clubs.

Mr Panayi said the donation has come at the right time given that the pandemic has cut short some of the club’s programmes.

He added that the donation is also a very good offer for them to get things back with the youth and the opportunity also to be able to plan our activities through the end of this year until next year.

He was accompanied by three of the club’s young footballers.

For his part, Mr Dine said the club will use the money to get things going at this difficult time.  He was accompanied by the club’s coaches, Ruudy Joseph and François Magloire.

As for Mr Laurence, he said CWS always looks to participate in initiatives that touch and meet the requirements of the community.

He noted that the work being done by the two sporting bodies do meet the aim of the telecom company in supporting the youths where they (youths) are taught life skills, discipline and determination.

He thanked both clubs for helping the youths to become tomorrow’s responsible and productive citizens.

He added that CWS will continue to support their causes towards the youth.  

The Futuro Sports Sesel is a youth sport association formed in 2018, focusing on youth fitness and nutrition and football. The aim of the club is to provide the country with future national team players. The club trains young people, from the age of four years onwards, in three categories, three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) at Stad Popiler. It also has a ten-year scholarship scheme for young elite players who get to be picked up at their homes for two hours training everyday in the morning, before being driven back to school, and further picked up after school for another two hours training in the afternoon, among other incentives to motivate them.

The Neo Volleyball Club came into being following the launch of the NEO Boys volleyball team in 2009. With the intention of giving young players the opportunity to be recognised, the club formed a veteran team, the Ton Neo Volley team, to make way for the young players of Neo Boys to expose their talents at a higher level.

Both teams play in the first division league of the Seychelles Volleyball Federation. It has also formed a youth team, the Neo Youth Boys, which is a sort of training academy for recruitment of future players for the senior team. Apart from the Neo Youth Boys who play in the second division league, the club also has a women’s team, the Neo Girls, who also play in the bottom division.


Patrick Joubert

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