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Football: Mahinda Rajapaksa Trophy in Sri Lanka   Seychelles team receive medical equipment from Sri Lankan HC |08 November 2021

Football: Mahinda Rajapaksa Trophy in Sri Lanka     Seychelles team receive medical equipment from Sri Lankan HC

The presentation ceremony. From left to right: Dr Henriette, PS Jean-Louis, HC Wickremasinghe, director of Hettigoda Group Vidyani Hettigoda, Seychelles team captain Ian Ah-Kong and team manager Madeleine

The Seychelles national football team received a batch of medical equipment from the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Seychelles, Srimal Wickremasinghe in a small ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in Colombo on Sunday morning.

The local selection are since Saturday in Sri Lanka to take part in the inaugural Prime Minister’s Mahinda Rajapaksa Trophy, a four-nation invitational tournament, alongside hosts Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the Maldives.

In his speech at the handing over ceremony, High Commissioner Wickremasinghe said these natural medicine has a proven record of success and his hope is that it will prove useful to team Seychelles.

"This product which is natural without any chemical is very effective and especially at thus tournament where with this wet season players are prone to injury. Therefore we are offering you these gifts as we meet in this tournament which we wish will also help to strengthen friendship amongst our island nations," the high commissioner stated to those gathered.

For his part, the principal secretary for youth and sports Ralph Jean-Louis thanked the Sri Lankan high commissioner and the Sri Lankan government as well as the sponsor of these medical equipment ‒ the Hettigoda group ‒ for this generous donation.

"On behalf of the Seychelles government and our partner the Seychelles Football Federation, I would like to express our sincere thanks for these valuable medical supplies which come at an opportune moment as our team prepare to compete at this tournament. At such tournaments, injuries can affect teams and we hope that these medical equipment will help our players to recuperate faster as our intention in this competition is not only to make up the numbers but to aim to win it and if we can't but at least our players will have given the best of themselves as they have been deprived of competitive football for almost a year due to restrictions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic As a result, this group of players are eager to get going as they have had a good preparation," claimed PS Jean-Louis.

Team manager Lewis Madeleine also thanked the sponsors for the medical equipment, adding that it is very rare that they receive such donation.

The Seychelles national team kick off their campaign at this tournament today, playing in the opener against Bangladesh at 2.30pm Seychelles time (4pm Sri Lanka time) the Race Course International Stadium in Reid Avenue, Colombo, while hosts Sri Lanka take on the Maldives at 7.30pm in this nine-day football festival.

As per the schedule two matches will be staged per day with a two-day break in between. The two top teams will qualify to play in the grand finale on November 17.

The Seychelles delegation

The Seychellois players chosen for the trip are:

Goalkeepers: Ian Ah-Kong (la Passe), Alvin Michel (St Michel) and Romeo Padayachy (LightStars).

Defenders: Danny Madeleine, Gervais Waye-Hive, Juninho Mathiot (St Louis), Julio Brown, Sam Hallock (St Michel), Helton Monnaie, Don Fanchette (La Passe), Stan Esther (Red Star Defence Forces), Warren Mellie (Foresters), and Benoit Marie (Côte d’Or).

Midfielders: Jean-Yves Ernesta (Foresters), Rundolf Elizabeth, Dean Balette (St John Bosco) and Kenner Nourrice (St Michel).

Strikers: Josip Ravigna (Real Maldives), Dean Mothé (St Louis), Brandon Labrosse (Foresters), Hubert Jean, Elijah Tamboo, (St Louis) and Thierry Camille (St John Bosco).

The officials: Ralph Jean-Louis (principal secretary for youth and sports), Lewis Madeleine (head of delegation), Michael Delpeche (manager), Vivian Bothe (head coach), Bruno Saindina, Rodney Choisy, Gerald Gonthier, Alex Nibourette (assistant coaches), Juan Michel (physiotherapist) and Kenneth Henriette (doctor).



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