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4th Seychelles Fashion Week |04 December 2021

4th Seychelles Fashion Week

Surpassing the pandemic to maintain the momentum of the event


Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, L’Escale Resort Marina & Spa was still lit by a variety of colours during last weekend’s Seychelles Fashion week, showcasing the work of 16 designers ‒ six of them from Seychelles and 10 from Qatar and South Africa.

A total of 28 models took part in the event, including Miss Ideal of Nigeria of 2019, Sonia Ben-Woko.

Principal secretary for Tourism Sherin Francis officially launched the 4th Seychelles Fashion Week in the presence of Minister for Youth, Sports and Family Marie-Celine Zialor, principal secretary for Culture Cecile Kalebi, chief executive of the Seychelles Fashion Week Terry Carolla, designers, models and sponsors.

The annual event which aims at bringing fashion lovers from around the world to our shores, is also the ideal opportunity to provide local designers with the opportunity to get more exposure as well as bring more importance to the fashion industry of our island nation.

During the launch, Mrs Francis noted that the event is gathering momentum and going from strength to strength, becoming part and parcel of the international fashion scene and placing our islands squarely on its calendar.

She described Seychelles as a natural home to fashion, on account of the fact that we are a cosmopolitan nature, born of many different ethnicities and cultures, while portraying the Seychelles Fashion Week as a vital platform for the development of the Seychelles fashion industry, and also to promote Seychelles as a tourism destination, from a fashion perspective.

The event, she said, also helps to create alternative sources of revenue as a potential economic substitute, while creating employment within the local fashion industry.

During the fashion show, there was also a panel of experts who discussed the Seychelles fashion industry, financing and how the pandemic is affecting the livelihood of designers.


Roland Duval

Photos: Salifa Karapetyan


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