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Leading up to Christmas |04 December 2021

Leading up to Christmas

12 ‘Carols’ from Seychelles share their best Christmas carols


Twenty-one days from today it will be Christmas Day, one of the most festive Christian holidays in Seychelles and in many countries around the world.

On Christmas Day, we celebrate Jesus' birth and many people celebrate it with music especially carols, festive meal and decorations.

Since we are living in uncertain times and have been advised by the health ministry to limit our contacts with people and family members from other households, Seychelles NATION will be bringing some cheers to you at home.

Starting today and the following two Saturdays, we will share with you some people’s favourite carols, simple but tasty meals, and nice decorations.

We start with 12 Seychellois ladies named Carol sharing with us their best Christmas carols.

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