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Cycling: Chez Deenu’s National Championship Miguel Mathieu the grand winner |20 August 2019

Young cyclist Miguel Mathieu was the centre of attraction at the Chez Deenu’s National Championship held last week, emerging as the grand winner after three races.

The competition, held over three days, featured three races, precisely an individual time trial of 26.5km held on Thursday, a hill climb of 5.75km on Friday and a road race of 84.9km on Saturday.

Mathieu, who rides for the Adams Cycling Club, finished first in two of the races, along with a third-place finish.

In the individual time trial, he completed the 26.5km third in 37 minutes and 18.84 seconds (37:18.84), finishing behind race runner-up Xerxes Larue of the Vélo Club de l’Ouest who clocked 37:01.20.

The race was won by Ahmad Arissol who also rides for the Vélo Club de l’Ouest in 37:00.70

In the 5.75km hill climb, Mathieu finished first in 18 minutes and 11 seconds, ahead of Yohan Monthy who clocked 18 minutes and 41 seconds.

Arissol was third in 19 minutes and 35 seconds.

Mathieu’s other victory was in the 84.9km road race where he finished in 3hrs and 53 seconds (3hrs 00.53), a clock he shared with Arissol and Jean-Yves Souyave who were second and third respectively.

With an accumulated time of 3hrs 56.22, Mathieu finished as the championship’s winner, ahead of Arissol who accumulated 3hrs 57.28.

Souyave was third overall in 3hrs 59.00.

Vélo Club de l’Ouest emerged as the championship’s best team after accumulating 12hrs 32.58.

The complete results of the Chez Deenu’s National Championship

  1. Miguel Mathieu (Adams Cycling Club – 3hrs 56.22)
  2. Ahmad Arissol (Vélo Club de l’Ouest – 3hrs 57.28)
  3. Jean-Yves Souyave (Individual – 3hrs 59.00)
  4. Xerxes Larue (Vélo Club de l’Ouest – 4hrs 11.10)
  5. Yohan Monthy (Vélo Club de l’Ouest – 4hrs 11.26)
  6. Reginho Uzice ( Option Max Cycling Club – 4hrs 23.54)
  7. Julian Pool (Vélo Club de l’Ouest – 4hrs 23.54)
  8. Jartin Andre (Vélo Club de l’Ouest – 4hrs 34.58)
  9. Lario Harrison (Individual – 4hrs 37.35)
  10. Jayden Sinon (Option Max Cycling Club – 4hrs 42.21)
  11. Perry Hoareau (Individual – 4hrs 46.25)
  12. Liam Télémaque (Individual – 4hrs 53.38)

Best team: Vélo Club de l’Ouest – 12hrs 32.58


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