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FSA honours long-serving employees |07 March 2022

FSA honours long-serving employees

The long-serving employees in a souvenir photograph with Mr Payet, other guests and staff

Fifteen employees who have served 5, 10 and 15 years with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) were recognised in a ceremony held last Friday.

Addressing board members, management team and the staff, the chairman of the FSA, Patrick Payet, stated that it is indeed a special occasion to thank the employees for the many years of service that they have devoted to the FSA and despite the current setting, the ceremony marks a remarkable moment for the organisation to celebrate such milestones.

“Awardees, the FSA is fortunate to have employees like yourselves who have worked dedicatedly over the years to bring success to the organisation. Your contribution and dedication to the FSA has shown your passion towards seeing the FSA propel further in achieving its strategic goals and contribute towards the success of the economy. We are indeed very proud to have you as members of the organisation who have mastered the necessary knowledge and gathered experience to deliver in your respective field.  We are confident to say that you have all become masters of your craft and you should seize the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience into mentoring up-and-coming staff so that they one day can make a similar contribution to the FSA,” stated Mr Payet.

Awards were presented to eight employees who have served 5 years with the organisation from the Fiduciary Supervision, Insurance, Gambling & Pension Supervision, Facilities & Logistics, Legal and the Information System section.

Three employees, namely, Taryn Auguste (legal director), Petra Marie (business analyst) and Sheila Nibourette (security officer), have served for 10 years.

Four employees who have served for 15 years started their career with the organisation in 2006.

Paul Robert, who started as a business analyst, occupied several posts within the policy field and is now the director for policy, research and statistics.

Louisiane Nioze, who started her career as a security officer, has throughout her career displayed great determination and devotion towards her personal development. Ms Nioze spent several years in the human resources section and is now the manager for customer service and logistics. 

Naddie Gonthier, who started her career as an office clerk and moved to the corporate section in 2009 as the corporate service assistant, is now a registry officer in the registry section.

Marie Claire Melanie, who started her career with the FSA as an office helper, transferred to the security section in 2007 as a security officer and is now the FSA’s security supervisor.

“This shows the many opportunities our employees have to further their self-development and move in an upward trajectory in their career,” says a press release from the FSA.


Press release from the FSA


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