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Ongoing case of illegal possession of arms and ammunition    |30 June 2022

Attorney General files for Court order to destroy some ammunition which are deteriorating


In the Supreme Court on Tuesday afternoon a prosecutor in the ongoing case of illegal possession of arms and ammunition revealed that according to arm experts working alongside the police on the case, some of the ammunitions have to be destroyed as their conditions are deteriorating and they could explode at any moment.

The prosecutor informed the Court that he had submitted a related document with the Registrar which gives details about the ammunition concerned and where they were stocked.

He said the only copy of the document has been given to one of the accused in the case, Laura Valabhji, and that he has requested that it be handed back to his office.

The Attorney General’s office has meanwhile filed for an application to get a Court order to destroy the ammunitions concerned.

Meanwhile three of the accused in the case – Laura and Mukesh Valabhji and Leslie Benoiton – were in Court on Tuesday afternoon to discuss various other issues related to their defense in the case.

All the accused in the case as well as that of the missing US $50 million will reappear in Court this morning, Thursday June 30.


Marie-Anne Lepathy




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