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More Seychellois students show interest to study in Malaysia |16 August 2022

More Seychellois students show interest to study in Malaysia

More Seychellois students are showing interest to study in Malaysia, according to a top official from the

Malaysia Education Centre.

The centre’s managing director, Fadil Ruhomutally, made the statement during a fair held in collaboration with the Agency for National Human Resource Development (ANHRD) for Seychellois students seeking to pursue further studies at university level in Malaysia.

The fair showcasing the various educational possibilities available in Malaysia was held on Saturday from 9am to 3pm at the Eden Blue Hotel, Eden Island.

It was an opportunity for the students to meet directly with representatives of the different universities to query on the modules and programmes and the facilities and accommodation on offer.

It was also an opportunity for those who already have received their results to know on the spot whether they were eligible to join the programmes they want to follow and if not what they needed to do to become eligible for scholarships.

Among the 26 Malaysian universities offering higher education only representatives from the Asia Pacific University (APU), Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL), Taylor's University, QUEST International University Perak, Sunway University and SEGI University were present at the exhibition. The other universities not present were represented by officials from the Malaysia Education Centre.

Students who had done their IGCSEs, A-Levels, diplomas, degrees, masters or other higher education qualification standards were eligible to apply for entry at university level in Malaysia. Students with the desired results and who were eligible to join any among the different universities received their eligibility confirmation on the spot.

Speaking to Seychelles NATION, Mr Ruhomutally said he was very happy with the turnout for the fair.

He stated that 200 plus students came to the exhibition, compared to 150 students who came for the last fair earlier this year, which shows the interest among the students who want to study in Malaysia is getting higher.

He noted that from the 200 plus who attended, 60 students got their university eligibility confirmation on the spot.

Mr Ruhomutally said that since the students will be studying abroad, they need the maximum information possible for them to choose the best possible option and it was the reason why the Malaysia Education Centre had organised the fair. At the moment there are 200 plus Seychellois students studying in Malaysia.

Barbara Kilindo, a representative of ANHRD, said that the agency had been supporting the Malaysia Education Centre in hosting the fair in the country for the benefit of students who find it hard to conduct such university assessments online.  Students visiting the ANHRD desk sought information on how to apply for scholarships, on the criteria for funded scholarships and on how government can assist if they do not meet the criteria for a scholarship.  ANHRD offers scholarship funding for Seychellois students in different fields based on the country’s needs.

Most of the students who talked to Seychelles NATION said that hosting such a fair was a very good initiative as it helps them to make informed choices on universities they want to study at, among other information of importance they needed.

Many among them were accompanied by their parents.  

Malaysia is one of the top education hubs in Asia with multitude of universities and over 150,000 international students from 150 nationalities engaging in over 300 internationally recognised courses.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the fair.


Patrick Joubert

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