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‘Ti Enn Nou Sa’ – Promoting positivity among students |08 September 2022

‘Ti Enn Nou Sa’ – Promoting positivity among students

Head teacher Marc Arrisol

Ti Enn Nou Sa’, a project aimed at inspiring and motivating current students by promoting the achievements of their peers before them, was launched this week by the Mont Fleuri secondary school.

The first batch of the six role models chosen comprise Brandon Labrosse (footballer), Brandon Molle (footballer), Ryan Henriette (footballer), Abdel Sylla (basketball player), Petra Volcère (hotel management student) and Michel Roucou (member of the National Assembly).

Mont Fleuri secondary school is well known for introducing new and dynamic programmes for its students so as to instil discipline in the school.

Head teacher Marc Arrisol explained that for the third term, the school decided to come up with a project that can inspire and motivate the students.

“This is something we like to do. ‘Ti Enn Nou Sa’ is a project where we look for successful past students and they come from different strata of life. There are some with academic success, some with business success and some with athletic success. We want to show the youth that everybody can succeed.”

Mr Arrisol also shared that posters of these past students have been placed in different locations of the school and the role models will give talks during the PSCE classes and focus will be placed both on the academic and vocational, so that all students will have a role model that they can relate to.

Two current students shared their take on this programme: “This is a good initiative and is a good start by our head teacher and I think that other schools should adopt the same programme. This programme also allows the former students to be grateful to their teachers and school who helped them be what they are today. They now can help us also achieve what we are supposed to be. My role model is Petra as she is someone I got to know and admire her discipline,” said Anaelle Marie.

Tneisha Labaleine, who is the current head girl, said: “I have to say that in the past Mont Fleuri secondary had a bad reputation but over the years, with the support of the management, we have seen a huge improvement. I am also inspired by Petra, who was also a head girl. My role is to maintain discipline at school and help the students in their daily lives at school.”

Ryan Henriette, a current footballer, is among the first batch of role models. He shared that he is really proud to have been chosen. “I must admit I was not academically the best and also had discipline issues. I know that many students are looking up to me and I want to help them to understand that life is a long journey and they can change and achieve great things. My wish is that the school keeps following the students with issues and help them achieve.”

What made him successful? Ryan admits that even he had an attitude problem, he has never touched alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. “This is my message to the youth. Keep focus on your studies and never let yourselves be enticed by bad influences. I was employed before and now I am venturing into my new business. I also play for Foresters and the National Team.”

Since the programme’s promotion on social media, more former students contacted the school to be part of it.

The head teacher noted that these people will be included in order to promote positivity in the school and inspire the students.


Text & photos by Vidya Gappy



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