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Hon. Mancienne attends 11th conference of Speakers of the National and Regional Parliaments |13 September 2022

Hon. Mancienne attends 11th conference of Speakers of the National and Regional Parliaments

The Seychelles delegation who took part in the Permanent Committee sittings: (l tor) Hon. Gabriel, Hon. Mondon, Hon. Bastienne, Hon. Woodcock and Hon. Lemiel

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Roger Mancienne, participated in the 11th Conference of the Speakers of National and Regional Parliaments held from September 1-2, 2022 in the Pan African Parliament (PAP) headquarters in Midrand, Johannesburg.

The Speaker was accompanied by the PAP Desk Officer, Georgina Balette, and represented Seychelles in high-level consultations with other Speakers from National and Regional Parliaments from across the African continent.

The conference, which was coordinated by PAP in collaboration with the African Union (AU), was held subsequent to the Permanent Committee Sittings which took place from August 22- September 2. These sessions were attended by a delegation headed by Hon. Terence Mondon and comprising Hon. Wavel Woodcock, Hon. Sylvanne Lemiel, Hon. Desheila Bastienne and Hon. Conrad Gabriel.

The meetings spanned over 10 days and involved important sessions on the implementation of their work plans, which also included joint workshops on capacity building for PAP parliamentarians, and the AU theme for 2022.

The Committees held seminars on ‘Addressing gaps in women and men migrant workers protection in Africa through advocacy for the use of legal instruments’, ‘The role of the Pan African Parliament’ and ‘The African Union Labour Migration Advisory Committee’.

The members participated in discussions that took place and witnessed the presentations of reports on the Implementation of the AU theme of the year for 2021 on Arts, Culture and Heritage, debt and economic recovery, and vaccine Justice - post Covid-19.

Under a new leadership the PAP Bureau affirmed that PAP will be working towards reviving, renewing and reinvigorating the continental Parliament. The designed platform of discussions between PAP and the political leaders from the African continent pushed forward an agenda for actions in relation to:-

  • The National and regional implementation of the AU Theme of the year 2022;
  • The ratification of the PAP Malabo Protocol;
  • The sustainable responses to the socio-economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • Agenda 2063, and the effectiveness of Pan African Parliament and its future development.

Speaker Mancienne delivered his remarks during the conference addressing the issue of food security and production in which he stated is “a matter not only of high importance but of urgent importance”. He reiterated the need for countries to rethink their strategies in terms of food production and urged countries with coastal borders to seriously consider the importance of the ocean as a source of food.

He further encouraged the adoption of the blue economy concept for possibilities to harness resources, commerce and other commodities in the African market, which he expressed as the solution to the next crisis.

The delegation of Speakers called on the AU to take effective action for the implementation of this programme.

Discussions took place on the adverse effects and challenges faced by the African continent, including the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, which brought about different ideas for greater collaboration of nations to be better equipped to respond to any future global pandemic.

In his address on PAP on the achievement of agenda of 2063, Speaker Mancienne stated that the Pan African Parliament should take the function of oversight for the delivery of this plan and have periodic conversations with the National Parliaments. The Agenda 2063 plan was strongly supported by other Speakers and they called on AU member states for action and its execution.

The conference ended with different speakers addressing the rules and regulations of the PAP, its financial, legal and administrative roles.

Speaker Mancienne highlighted the importance of the image and effectiveness of the PAP and asked the Bureau to clearly apply and implement rules of procedure and codes of conduct to resolve certain issues that have been flagged.

The Pan African President, Hon. Chief Fortune Charumbira described this exchange as very productive and encouraged the Speakers of National and Regional Parliaments to continuously engage and come up with a better framework and structure for the continent of Africa.


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