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Expansion of sewage network not possible without improvement works on existing infrastructure |14 September 2022

Expanding sewage coverage in the Plaisance area will require the installation of new pipes as well as the expansion of pump stations, to a cost of around R81 million.

Sewage coverage in Plaisance is presently very limited, covering mainly the Dan Kan Housing Estate.

Despite the challenges faced by property owners whose properties border the coast during high tide, PUC is for the moment unable to expand the network to allow for the connection of an additional 1034 residences in the Plaisance and La Louise areas, on account of financing constraints.

A preliminary study that PUC has undertaken in the region indicates that it will cost around R6 million to establish a sewage connection system, for around 20 properties bordering the sea. Based on this critical situation, a tender process to implement the sewage connection system is to be launched soon, once all planning and other authorisations are approved.

Considering the difficulties in securing financing for the costly works, PUC is rather focusing its efforts on improving existing infrastructure, before eventually venturing into the construction of additional facilities to expand its sewage network.

At present, PUC is currently working on reconstructing the Roche Caiman pump station, and a second located next to Intelvision along the way to Providence, since they are in a critical state and cannot possibly accommodate more pressure. Work is underway to launch the tender process in due time.

Additionally, PUC will also be undertaking major refurbishments on the Providence treatment system, with the work expecting to take between one to two years to complete after the contract is signed. The tender was published in June.

“It will not make sense for PUC to expand the sewage system before addressing the challenges with its existing infrastructure. Government and PUC remain engaged in its efforts to secure international funding, through loans, to install sewage infrastructure on Mahé and Praslin,” Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment Flavien Joubert stated yesterday.

PUC, through the government, have engaged with the Investment Bank of Europe and the African Development Bank for a loan, to allow for further refurbishing works on the Mahé sewage system, before, as well as a new sewage system for La Digue.

PUC and government need to see in future budgets if there is the possibility of including financing in the budgets.

The Seychelles Integrated and Comprehensive Sanitation Master Plan of 2018 aims to take waste management to the next level, ensuring proper waste disposal on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. The entire project is estimated at R1.2 billion and will see improvement works on existing infrastructure, during the first phase, for which financing has been secured for this year, and the upcoming two years.


Laura Pillay


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