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A gift for the Granmoun and the Blageurs |11 September 2019

A gift for the Granmoun and the Blageurs

People who wish to recycle the plastic waste collected on Aldabra atoll can contact the SIF

Victoria now has two more public benches. The Herman Maria Building Company has generously donated two wooden benches to the mayor of Victoria, David Andre who gave them to the National Museum of History.

The two benches which have been named ‘Banc de Blageurs’ and the ‘Ban Granmoun’ have been installed on the compound of the National Museum of History, at the corner of Francis Rachel Street and the Independence Avenue near the clock tower.

“This is where our elderly folks can come to share conversations and pass the time,” the mayor said. “We are happy to give them this comfort”.

Quite a few of our retired citizens who live in the outlying districts come to town to meet one another to talk about their experiences and to share their views on the current events in Seychelles and in the world. Evidently, the appellations of the two benches are eminently appropriate!

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