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Seychelles Breweries Limited donates recycle bins |23 January 2023

Seychelles Breweries Limited donates recycle bins

Towards an improved waste management infrastructure


By Diane Larame


To help push Seychelles towards an improved waste management infrastructure, the Seychelles Breweries Limited (SBL) has donated recycle bins for PET, aluminium and glass bottles to the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change, and Environment.

The handing over of these bins was done in a brief ceremony on Friday morning at the Seychelles Breweries meeting room, Le Rocher, which was attended by the Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change, and Environment, Flavien Joubert; the managing director of SBL, Conor Neiland; the deputy CEO of Landscape & Waste Management Agency, Rahul Mangroo; and other staff members of the SBL.

According to SBL, the main objective of the project is to educate the citizens of Seychelles on the importance of waste segregation and to ease consumers’ convenience to dispose of recyclable materials.

With these three different label bins it will be easier to sort out the materials into their respectable posts. Furthermore, by using these bins it will remove pressure on the landfill as these materials will be taken to a separate area where they will be recycled.

In his opening speech Mr Neiland explained the reason as to why SBL has taken an interest in this matter and has donated the bins to the ministry.

He said that it is the beauty of Seychelles and its potential greatness and cleanliness that has led them to come with such an initiative that would help Seychelles take the matter of recycling more firmly.

“Waste segregation is relatively new to Seychelles, but it is something that has become common practice everywhere across the world, and we are hoping for the same here,” he said.

He also expressed how waste segregation is very important to the Seychelles Breweries and as equally or even more important to their parent company Diageo, and that sustainability is the key factor of their corporate environmental protection policies. Seychelles Breweries is constantly looking at ways to increase its use of renewable energy sources and aiming to getting to a 0 carbon footprint by 2030,” he said.

In his vote of thanks, Minister Joubert congratulated Seychelles Breweries for its effort to help the environment of Seychelles.

“I applaud Seychelles Breweries for putting the effort in addressing not just sustainability but also energy, water use, waste and environmental protection,” said the minister.

He also stated that Seychelles has the problem whereby it cannot complete the recycling loop itself and that the ministry, with the help of the organization, is working on a possible solution for that.

The 21 Seypearl branded recycling bins that have been donated are expected to be placed in different points around Seychelles.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the handover ceremony.


Photos by Emma Ak-Kong

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