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ITP media group visits Seychelles for luxury experience |26 January 2023

ITP media group visits Seychelles for luxury experience

Tourism Seychelles Middle East invited the ITP media group, one of the leading media companies in the Middle East, comprising editors from its Women’s Luxury Group, to visit Seychelles.

The editors, who oversee renowned magazines with a vast global audience, namely the Cosmopolitan, Grazia and Harpers Baazar Arabia, spent five days exploring the most popular tourist destinations on the islands.

Aside from experiencing the islands’ natural beauty, the local cuisine and culture and luxury offerings, the editors were greatly impressed by the warmth and hospitality of the local people.

The press trip was conducted to showcase the beauty and luxuries of the Seychelles Islands to not just the market but to the entire world.

They were accompanied by the regional director of the Tourism Seychelles Middle East Office, Ahmed Fathallah, who ensured they had an authentic island experience and fully immersed themselves in the Seychellois culture.

“Seychelles is truly a paradise on earth, and we were delighted to have the opportunity to showcase the islands’ beauty and luxury to our readers through the eyes of our editors,” said Fathallah. “We are confident that our guest editors and ultimately their readers will be inspired to visit the islands for themselves and experience the magic of Seychelles.”

The press trip is organised in conjunction with Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, where the editors also had the chance to stay at their hotels in Mahé and Desroches Island, offering them an unparalleled luxury experience. Known for its beautiful villas, private beaches, and world-class spa, the resort offers a luxurious lifestyle that the editors could fully enjoy.

As part of its media partnership with ITP media group, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia will publish articles and features about the Seychelles Islands and their beauty and luxury.


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