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Sylvanne Lemiel, Doyace Porice attend ‘redynamisation de la plateforme des femmes en politique de l’Océan indien’ seminar |04 February 2023

Sylvanne Lemiel, Doyace Porice attend ‘redynamisation de la plateforme des femmes en politique de l’Océan indien’ seminar

Various representatives of organisations promoting women’s participation in public and political life in the Indian Ocean gathered in Moroni, Comoros to take part in a seminar and in attendance were honourables Sylvanne Lemiel and Doyace Porice.

The two-day seminar (January 24 and 25) was initiated by the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) and formed part of the vision held by the Union of the Comoros to “place women and youth at the heart of its political and social governance”.

The opening speech was given by Imam Abdillah, director general of international cooperation and chairman of the committee of permanent liaison officer to the IOC.

He stated that this major regional event was one that the Union of Comoros was proud to organise and that it was a great opportunity for all the women of the region to contribute their experiences and make clear their expectations for the future.

Hon. Lemiel commented that while it was refreshing to see active platforms in Madagascar and the Union of Comoros, there needs to be a revitalisation of the platforms in Seychelles, Mauritius and La Reunion in order to fully promote and strengthen the possibilities for women-led leadership.

During the seminar, Hon. Lemiel spoke about the need to “empower our women and our young girls”, the importance of education, and emphasised the need to encourage political participation and engagement.

A large focus of the seminar was on the creation and sustainability of an environment that promotes better and active participation of women in political organisations and in regional cooperation. The IOC recalled the commitments made in the past to achieve gender equality and the commitment to promoting women’s rights in politics and their rights as institutional members capable of playing a decisive role in political life.

Hon. Porice noted that she appreciated the seminar as it gave her a better understanding of what changes need to be made in Seychelles today.

Sharing similar views with Hon. Lemiel, she commented that she is ready to mobilise young girls and women to join the active political organisations within Seychelles.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the Seychelles delegation’s participation in the seminar.



Press release from the National Assembly secretariat

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