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Constance Ephelia rewards outstanding employees for 2022 |16 March 2023

Constance Ephelia rewards outstanding employees for 2022

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Deana Marie and Betty Jeannevole are Constance Ephelia’s passionate team members of the year 2022, while Usman Martadinata is the 2022 trainer of the year.

The three were recognised and rewarded during a ceremony held at L’Escale Resort Marina & Spa on Tuesday evening, where some 46 employees were celebrated for their hard work and dedication towards the establishment, which earned them the employee of the month titles.

General manager Stephane Duchenne during his address assured the employees that the management recognises and appreciates their continuous efforts, achievements, passion, and perseverance in their daily duties, despite the challenges.

“You have made a remarkable impact in your career, and this is a very good example for your fellow colleagues,” said general manager Duchenne.

“My message to you tonight is to continue what you started, to continue climbing the ladder, continue to drive hard and impress your leaders with your talents, and to be the mentors for others who are keen to follow in your footsteps,” Mr Duchenne stated, reaffirming the management’s support.

Each of the awardees recognised as trainer of the year for different quarters throughout the year 2022 were presented with a certificate, cash prize and lunch for two at the establishment. As the overall winner in the category, Mr Martadinata also received a trophy.

A number of employees were awarded from different divisions including finance, information technology (IT), food and beverage and front of house.

Meanwhile, Ms Jeannevole, who is currently serving as an accounts supervisor has won the employee of the month award a number of times, but was elated to have won employee of the year for the first time.

“I am really happy. I was not expecting it, but I am really grateful for all the opportunities that Constance Ephelia has granted me. I am however also thankful for all the challenge that has helped shaped me into the person that I am today,” she said.

Ms Jeannevole started working at the hotel as an accounts payable clerk six years ago. The journey has been a learning curve for her and one filled with sacrifices, she said, but she has always believed in going the extra mile to ensure her work is up to the required standard.

“The hotel industry is a tough journey, as it can be really hectic with long working hours, and lots of sacrifices required, but it is a rewarding career choice,” Ms Jeannevole added.

As she forges ahead with the company, Ms Jeannevole is determined to face challenges head on, and hopes to be able to acquire yet more skills which will help her develop in her department.

She won the heart of house award, applicable for employees serving in divisions which are considered as back-office.

As for the front of house awardee Ms Marie, she started her journey with the hotel while still studying at the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) and has since fallen in love with the work environment, and nature of her job.

She managed to secure a job while completing the last phases of her training course with the academy, and has so far been employed with Constance Ephelia for five years.

Ms Marie was recently promoted to spa supervisor.

“I feel that the hard work has paid off after five years of intense working. It is not an easy job, and this award means a lot,” said Ms Marie.

“A lot of people have helped me along the way and this is a cause for celebration for them as well,” she said.

Interacting with guests on a daily basis is the best part of her job daily, she added, also stating that she wants to go much further in her career.

The employees were treated to a cocktail and dinner in celebration of their achievements.


Laura Pillay

Photos by Patrick Joubert

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