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National Assembly

National Assembly   |18 March 2023

LDS members conclude reactions on state-of-the-nation address


Only Linyon Demokratik Seselwa members provided their reactions to the state-of-the-nation address delivered by President Wavel Ramkalawan on Friday March 10, after members of United Seychelles (US) walked out of the sitting earlier yesterday morning.

First to express himself was elected member for Mont Buxton Gervais Henrie, who shared his view that President Ramkalawan “wanted us to reflect, together, on the Seychelles we would like”, and the future direction of the country.

He emphasised on the necessity for every citizen to play a role towards improving the quality of service delivery within the public sector, developing a hardworking culture, the fight against drugs, and inspiring the next generations, all matters which the head of state touched upon during his speech.

Similarly, Hon. François Adelaide described the address as “frank, direct and well-articulated” with “strong, frank and direct words”, rather than full of insults as proposed by the opposing party.

“The address by the president really put the reality in the real context, and has surely moved a lot of us to realise that we still have much to do if we want to be successful as a nation,” Hon. Adelaide stated.

As with the president, Hon. Adelaide called on national unity and reconciliation, towards further improving living standards for the entire nation and stability in the country.

For his part, Hon. Waven William said: “I support the president’s address in all its senses, as it touched on the problem which the country and nation are facing. This is the role of a president, to give a sense of direction, even if this direction will not satisfy the other side of the table.”

He said it was imperative that the president focuses on the problems which could potentially harm or sabotage the national plan towards nation-building, also highlighting the urgent necessity for the population to join hands with leaders to help develop the country.

“Is it not right that our president provided us with some direction, to save our country? Had he not done so, the other side of the table would keep accusing him of lacking guidance,” Hon. William went on to say, also adding that he appreciated the leader’s “honesty”.

Along the same lines, elected member for Bel Air Hon. Norbert Loizeau applauded the address as one where President Ramkalawan spoke from the heart, relaying his sentiments about the country.

Chief whip Sandy Arissol closed off the sitting with his reaction. Like many others he made reference to the accomplishments of the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) government, namely, infrastructure developments among others.

He also admitted that a number of citizens are frustrated, attributing this to global events and saying that this is the norm around the world. In addition, Hon. Arissol encouraged citizens to openly express themselves, in saying that it is only through the LDS government that Seychellois feel that they are free to express themselves however they wish to.

The Assembly will be resuming its duties on Tuesday March 21, 2023 with questions to Minister for Land and Housing Billy Rangasamy.


Laura Pillay



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