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National Assembly

Doctors and dentists promoted as long as conditions are met, Health minister clarifies |22 March 2023

The Ministry of Health has no difficulties in implementing the scheme of service applicable to doctors and dentists, as long as the conditions stipulated in the scheme are met.

Minister for Health Peggy Vidot yesterday clarified to the National Assembly the various conditions for progression under the scheme, which was drafted following consultation and upon reaching a consensus with all concerned parties.

“For a doctor or dentist to progress on the scheme, they will have had to be in service for a certain number of years, have gone through evaluation by their superior, with a good evaluation. They will need to have a recommendation for promotion by the superior. In addition to this, there must be a post for the grade to which the doctor or dentist will be promoted to, and the financing relating to the post,” Minister Vidot stated.

The scheme of service is a document which guides the ministry as the employer, and doctors and dentists as employees, on the ideal way they will progress in their career. The one specific to doctors and dentists was implemented in 2019/2020.

According to Minister Vidot, in order to be promoted to certain positions such as consultant, specific trainings and qualifications are required, and regardless of how many years in practice, if an employee does not complete such training courses, they cannot progress on to the position.

The factors that impact on progression which the ministry has observed however are; when a superior fails conduct evaluations when necessary or when an employee’s evaluation is not satisfactory.

Additionally, a satisfactory evaluation but with no recommendations for promotion is a factor considered, as well as the timing of the evaluation and process, to allow for the necessary budget provisions.

A number of schemes of service are enforced under the ministry, including 32 under the Health Care Agency (HCA), two under the Public Health Authority (PHA), and more under the ministry itself. 

Leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, Sebastien Pillay, who brought the Private Notice Question (PNQ) to the minister, proposed that Seychellois specialists are not progressing within the ministry, due to the scheme not being implemented.

He further pledged to support the ministry should they table a supplementary budget to the National Assembly to cover promotions especially for Seychellois specialists.

Minister Vidot categorically denied that Seychellois specialists are leaving the ministry in their numbers, and assured the assembly that the ministry is working to address the situation for different positions within the ministry.


Laura Pillay

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