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National Assembly

National Assembly withdraws Utilities Regulatory Commission Bill |06 April 2023

The National Assembly yesterday withdrew the Utilities Regulatory Commission Bill, 2022, which was presented on Tuesday by the Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, Flavien Joubert.

The debate on the bill, which was making provision for a commission to replace the Seychelles Energy Commission, had started on Tuesday and was expected to continue yesterday. However, when he resumed yesterday’s session, Minister Joubert said that some points raised on Tuesday had prompted his delegation to consult with the technicians and propose the points are addressed outside of the National Assembly.

“We realised there was a necessity for us to further reflect on one or two points in the bill to prevent a long debate in the assembly, when we can actually go and correct it and come back with a better version,” said Minister Joubert.

One of the points raised by the leader of the opposition, Hon. Sebastien Pillay, was under Section 10 and referred to membership of political parties, which stated that the board member should not be an office bearer of a political party. Mr Pillay said this was a violation of a person’s constitutional right. He had also questioned the role of the commission to that of the Public Utilities Corporation and the independence of the commission from government.

“So with your permission I would propose that we pause or postpone the bill’s presentation and we come back at a later date when we have sorted the points of contention,” said Mr Joubert.

The chairperson of the Bills Committee, Hon. Clifford Andre, thanked the minister for considering the points raised.

For his part, Hon. Pillay said it was a good move by the minister and his team, “because we put forward some serious points. We know the role of the government is to support their bill and based on our concerns, it had made them rethink their position and bring a better bill”.

It was Hon. Sandy Arissol who withdrew the bill on behalf of government in line with order 77 Withdrawal of Bills.

The new bill was making provision for a commission that would regulate the electricity, water and sewerage sectors. The act was supposed to replace the Energy Act 2012, and to set up a new commission to replace the existing Seychelles Energy Commission.


Patsy Canaya




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