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National Assembly

‘Government denounces all forms of politics in the workplace,’ says VP Afif |12 April 2023

Vice-President Ahmed Afif has told the National Assembly that the new administration was not in favour of any form of politics in the workplace, and this was a practice from the past.

He was answering a question brought by the elected member of Roche Caiman, Hon. Audrey Vidot, who wanted to know how far government has reached in removing politics from the workplace.

In his reply Vice-President Afif however admitted that removing politics from work was a huge task, having found it in place when the new administration took over.

“I believe the people of Seychelles have seen that this government does not support any form of political practice in the workplace. Since coming into power, as LDS government led by President Ramkalawan, no one can say they have been victimised on a political basis,” he told the assembly.

He added however there were instances where people were doing politics at work, which was deemed unacceptable and these people had left.

Mr Afif said his government had also removed some individuals in the post of special advisors, which were seen as political posts, while in other instances high officials who were part of the PL/US political party had resigned on their own accord.

“All these cases are not victimisation. It formed part of important reforms being carried out and on the other hand the choice of some people, who felt they could no longer contribute in government,” he stated.

He added his government was monitoring the public service closely to ensure there were no partisan politics being carried out.

“I can assure the honourable members that the decisions taken by the government is never in favour of anyone supporting the LDS government.”

Vice-President Afif said the government’s policy include taking actions where there is bad management and warned they were aware of some public servants practicing politics at work to frustrate the public, and this would not be tolerated.


Patsy Canaya

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