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200 mangrove plants relocated to Ile du Port |16 May 2023

200 mangrove plants relocated to Ile du Port

A mangrove tree planting activity was undertaken at Ile du Port last Tuesday by the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) in collaboration with the Climate Adaptation Management Section within the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment (CAMS-MACCE).

The activity, initiated by Michel Bristol, director of the Project Management Unit at PUC, saw the participation of over 25 individuals including students and teachers from Independent School’s Eco Club, CAMS-MACCE representatives as well as PUC staff. 

Altogether, around 200 mangrove plants which had been carefully uprooted from one of PUC's project sites at Le Rocher were relocated along the lagoon in close proximity to the Independent School.

Mr Bristol pointed out that this activity aligns with PUC’s mission to pay due regards to the environment.

“The aim of relocating these mangroves is to reduce the adverse effects that some of our activities would have on the coastal ecosystem as well as showcase PUC’s support towards our country’s transition towards a more sustainable future,” explained Mr Bristol.

On her part, Elvina Hoarau, Eco-School leader at Independent School expressed her satisfaction with the students’ level of engagement. “The students were eager to participate and had lots of fun. Our Eco-School Club’s participation reaffirms the Independent School’s commitment to foster a sense of responsibility towards the environment in the students. Additionally, such activities also allow the learners to develop useful skills contributing to their holistic growth as per the school’s mission,” stated Ms Hoarau.

The mangrove relocation activity also ties in with the ministry’s target to protect 50% of the coastal ecosystems by 2025.

PUC takes pride in contributing towards the promotion of environmental awareness with a deeper sense of responsibility among its workers and the community.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the mangrove tree planting activity.


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