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MoU to bolster ties between UniSey and Hilton Group |17 May 2023

MoU to bolster ties between UniSey and Hilton Group

The signing of the MoU between Ms Perreau and Mr Borg

The University of Seychelles (UniSey) and Hilton Group have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to bolster the existing relationship between the two entities.

The signing at Double Tree Allamanda on Monday afternoon was seen as a testimony of the continuous collaboration with the two partners who have worked on various projects and events in the past.

The area general manager of Seychelles, Andre Borg, signed on behalf of Hilton and the vice- chancellor of UniSey, Joëlle Perreau, signed on behalf of the university.

Vice-president Africa and Indian Ocean, Jan Van Der Putten, stood witness, along with the Dean of Faculty of Business Sustainable Development, Dr Michael Hall.

Mr Borg addressed the audience stating that the MoU signing is significant for the future when the two entities will be working on projects together.

“I will never forget the way Hilton helped the university students for the sustainability project, which we still do today,” he stated.

He thanked UniSey for its hospitality and for “really opening the doors to us”.

He continued by stating that what they have done today will have a massive effect on the 400 students of UniSey.

He expressed the signing as a “great marriage” between the two and hopes for more in the next ten years.

Mr Putten explained that the cooperation between the private sector and the education world is key.

“To get people educated and to get people to continuously learn is what life should be all about,” he said.

He went on to state that the signing is a very significant sign that the two partners understand each other. “There is a very good saying that one is never too old to learn and this is particularly meaningful for the occasion,” he stated. “Hilton’s commitment will continue to grow stronger and stronger every day we work together.”

Vice-Chancellor Perreau expressed her joy at the signing. “We have had very good success and we do learn from each other,” she said.

She expressed her condolence to the Hilton Family after the recent passing of Jochem Jan-Sleiffer, President for Hilton Middle East, Africa and Turkey, and presented a sympathy card to the Hilton family.

She explained that despite the signing, they have already started behind closed doors in order to work more closely. In addition, they were welcomed to Silhouette for Labour Day.

“It is not only a time for us to enjoy but also a time for us to sit down and talk among ourselves,” she said.

She also presented a thank you card to Mr Borg for the event on Silhouette Island. “For us being the University of Seychelles we have to put emphasis on tourism and environment and development of the sector.”

She explained that an important part of the MoU is the experts who will be able to help out with the department and there will be more discussions towards this. “We have been married but now it is official and we are very grateful to Hilton because they have always been constant.”


Sunny Esparon

Photo by Louis Toussaint

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