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UN Youth Seychelles invites Seychellois youth for coaching workshops |01 June 2023

From June to August 2023, UN Youth Seychelles will be conducting their Youth Group Coaching Programme under the Silverlining Project.

The programme comprises several workshops spread out over the months of June to August 2023 catering to male and female separately.

The objective of these workshops is to help young people build resilience towards the 8 Dimensions of Life, have better grasp of themselves and clear understanding of how their past has shaped their personality and much more.

The workshop will be led by psychotherapist Jimmy Petrousse.

Snacks, refreshments and workshop materials will be provided.

UN Youth Seychelles welcomes all applicants between the ages of 15-35 to apply and participate by clicking on the following link:


Vidya Gappy

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