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National Assembly

National Assembly   |10 August 2023

Bill strengthens role and function of Postal Regulator


The National Assembly has approved the Postal Sector (Amendment) Bill, 2023, as amended, with 28 members in favour, none against and two abstention.

The bill was presented by the Minister for Finance, National Planning & Trade, Naadir Hassan, before the house yesterday morning.

When presenting the amendments he stated the aims were to strengthen and provide the necessary cadre for the Postal Regulator, mainly related to its structure.

The Postal Sector Law came into force in November 2010, replacing the one dating back to 1863.

“Today we have to recognise the important role of the Postal sector in our country’s development and economic growth,” said Minister Hassan, citing its importance in the digital and global context.

“This means it is important that a responsible government that plans for the future, should put in place the legal structure to achieve those objectives,” he added.

The amendments proposed in the bill include giving power to the Postal Regulator to issue license, to set conditions for the duration, renewal and removal of license, and for the Postal Regulator to be responsible for the licensees. The amendments also propose strengthening the function and power of the Postal Regulator, set out a clear administrative cadre for the appointment of a chief executive, staff and account for the post and establish clear mechanisms to address appeal cases.

It also proposes that the section dealing with offences and other actions should be strengthened.

“It should be noted that during the exercise to modernise the law, we have taken into account the best practices and international standards,” said the minister.

He said the partners were involved in the discussion so as to get their input.

The minister added that while the government focuses on capacity-building, and necessary appointment for its functioning, the ministry will be rolling out an educational programme to sensitise the public about the law and what it entails including its benefits for the country.


Patsy Canaya


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