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National Assembly

APRM delegation calls on National Assembly Speaker |14 August 2023

APRM delegation calls on National Assembly Speaker

Mr Mancienne in a souvenir photograph with the APRM delegation

The chief executive of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), Prof. Eddy Maloka, paid a courtesy call on the Seychelles’ National Assembly Speaker Hon. Roger Mancienne on Thursday, August 10, 2023.

Prof. Maloka expressed that the APRM was here to continually encourage Seychelles forward, particularly in the areas of fisheries and the Blue Economy.

The importance of national structures, continental economic integration and sustainable development were pertinent topics discussed during the meeting.

Prof. Maloka also remarked on the impressive democratic foundation and stable transition of power experienced in Seychelles.

While noting that Africa has experienced a governance-deficit, Seychelles has a great deal in the way of experience to impart upon African nations who wish to improve their conflict resolution and democratic governance.

Speaker Mancienne thanked the CEO for his visit and for his recognition of the socio-political history of Seychelles’ democracy.

Hon. Mancienne noted that the APRM has an incredibly important scope of work, and that every endeavour undertaken requires constant evaluation and support which is duly provided by the APRM.

On behalf of the National Assembly, Hon. Mancienne confirmed that the APRM had considerable support to continue the various conversations being undertaken at all levels.

The APRM was established in 2003 by the African Union with the mandate to share experiences, reinforce best practices, and assess the capacity-building needs of countries across the continent.



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