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National Assembly

National assembly members meet local farmers association |12 October 2019

National assembly members meet local farmers association

The meeting between members of the National Assembly and members of Fermye Seselwa

Members of Fermye Seselwa (local farmers association) met several members of the National Assembly yesterday for an open discussion on certain constraints and challenges that currently exist in the agricultural and farming industry.

During the meeting, Barry Nourice (from Fermye Seselwa) made a technical presentation on the various constraints they face today that need to be solved in order for the agricultural sector to develop sustainably and efficiently.

He explained that the quality of reliable data and research within the industry is lacking and this is severely affecting the development of agriculture in Seychelles.

The members also felt there was a need to revise land lease conditions to farmers and complained about the lack of SAA (Seychelles Agricultural Agency) leadership in implementing a clear vision and business plan for the sector.

The farmers’ representatives urged the members of the Assembly to take on board the issues raised as part of their role of oversight on the executive and to also bear in mind the growing concern on food security and local food production within the national development plan.

The members of the Assembly had the opportunity to ask questions and better understand the commercial realities within the industry and the impact of levies in place today.

The discussions were led by deputy Speaker Ahmed Afif and the members of Fermye Seselwa comprised Gilmer Corgat, Jean-Paul Geffroy, Christina Pothin, Barry Nourice, Weston Wirtz and Beryl Payet.

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