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230kg of rubbish bagged in the Ceres beach clean-up at Anse Royale |24 October 2023

230kg of rubbish bagged in the Ceres beach clean-up at Anse Royale

A truly educational but fun activity

A team of 35 eco-minded volunteers collected 230kg of rubbish from the popular Anse Royale beach along the south coast of Mahé during the latest Ceres beach clean-up operation.

The group braved the gloomy weather and windy conditions to tackle an 800-metre stretch of beach near the newly built Laïla Seychelles Resort.

Ceres, in partnership with APEX, is on a mission to protect the environment by ensuring the country’s beaches remain beautiful, clean, and safe for Seychellois, tourists, and its marine life. The latest clean-up operation brought together friends and families of all ages, including volunteers from APEX and Laïla Seychelles Resort. Equipped with gloves and biodegradable rubbish bags, the volunteers split into smaller groups to tackle the task.

“Ceres is deeply committed to protecting our planet,” said Kenneth Lehmkuhl, Procurement Analyst at APEX. “The Ceres brand is known for managing its environmental impact with sustainable packaging and for being passionate about educating communities about the importance of keeping beaches clean. As APEX also prioritises environmental protection, we are delighted to be the on-the[1]ground partner for the ongoing Ceres beach clean-up.”

Mr Lehmkuhl also expressed appreciation to the team at Laïla Seychelles Resort for collaborating on this beach clean-up, adding: “The operation was a double win: a win for our environment and a win for tourism.”

Despite government-awarded contracts to keep beaches clean, challenges remain. People continue to litter on our beaches. Rubbish is also washed up from the sea, making operations like these extremely important.

If you would like to volunteer for the next Ceres beach clean-up on Saturday, October 28, 9am at Beau-Vallon, please register on the APEX website at www.

Together, we can make a difference!

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the latest beach clean-up at Anse Royale by Ceres.



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