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National Assembly

MYSCC hosts outreach activity with youth assembly members |30 October 2023

MYSCC hosts outreach activity with youth assembly members

The National Assembly’s Media, Youth, Sports and Culture Committee (MYSCC) on Wednesday hosted members of the Seychelles National Youth Assembly (SNYA) as part of an outreach activity in commemoration of its 30th Anniversary.

The SNYA members were hosted by the committee comprising chairperson Wavel Woodcock, vice-chairperson Philip Arissol, Kelly Samynadin, Conrad Gabriel,  Naddy Zialor, and Wilbert Herminie, with the assistance of committee secretary, Vincent Quatre.

The activity began with SNYA watching a live sitting of the assembly in the Public Gallery, until the first break at 10.30am. This was followed by a brief presentation given by the information centre manager, Thelma Joseph, and documentation assistant, Petra Tirant.

The committee, accompanied by the deputy clerk of the National Assembly, Alexandria Faure, then had an interactive session with the young members, beginning with a presentation by Hon. Samynadin on the role of the National Assembly as the legislative body.

Subsequently, the deputy clerk detailed the roles of the Office of the Clerk and the secretariat, as the driving forces behind the scenes.

A final presentation was given by the chairperson, Mr Woodcock on the role of the MYSCC, its mandates, and its impacts on society.

The group participated in lively discussions with the members of parliament and deputy clerk while enjoying refreshments, before concluding the eventful and educational activity.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the activity.



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