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New course at UniSey focuses on travel and tourism economics |07 November 2023

New course at UniSey focuses on travel and tourism economics

Dr Hall addressing the gathering

The University of Seychelles (UniSey) has launched a new course – a Bachelor of Sciences (BSc) in travel and tourism economics – being led by its department of tourism and cultural heritage.

Four ladies are already following the three-year course at the university and have shared their experiences so far during a short session yesterday under the theme ‘Building the future for tourism professionals’.

Addressing those present at the session held at UniSey, the dean of the faculty of business and sustainable development, Dr Michael Hall, said tourism is the most important industry in Seychelles at this moment. It is growing rapidly and we have to meet the challenges that come along head on.

It is important as a nation we are ready with the right human resources, to have professionals who have the knowledge and skills to deliver high quality tourism for the country, he added.

“Our focus has to be on excellent customer service. Our responsibility towards the environment is also crucial.”

On his part, head of the department, Dr Srimal Fernando, said Seychelles occupies vital regional roles in shaping the growth of the tourism sector, adding that for many years, the islands’ industry has provided a crucial economic lifeline.

Talking about the department, Dr Fernando said the purpose is to awaken interest and encourage cooperation in dealing with various types of knowledge that transcend local and global contexts.

“Under the department’s guidance, students with a strong interest in culture, heritage and tourism are able to transform their passion into a fulfilling career,” Dr Fernando said.

Bernadette Dogley, a lecturer within the department of tourism and cultural heritage, gave an overview of the course, which aims to introduce students to concepts, theories and frameworks underpinning the tourism industry globally and locally.

The course also aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to lead, organise, plan and control the available resources for effective and efficient tourism operations.


Text & photos by Mandy Bertin


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