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Ceps embarks on new pilot project |21 November 2023

Ceps embarks on new pilot project
  • Restores and rehabilitates public places


In commemoration of its ninth anniversary on November 8, the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (Ceps) has embarked on a new pilot project to help restore and rehabilitate public places.

This is being done in partnership with citizens, especially those undergoing rehabilitation treatment from substance abuse and seeking to rediscover a new purpose in life.

Last Friday Ceps, together with the Plaisance district administration, two persons from the district who are recovering from substance abuse, and a group of young people from regional islands who were in the country for the ‘Indian Ocean Ecological Council’, took part in a tree planting activity at the district administration office, to mark the beginning of the project. 

In his address to mark the occasion, Ceps’ chairperson, Alvin Laurence, said that the pilot project is expected to pave the way for other districts, schools and private businesses so as to better optimise their green spaces.

“We have several public places that cannot be fully utilised simply because the way we have grown flowers, foliage and trees. Often without purposefully growing them to provide maximum shade and space for other public activities,” Mr Laurence said.

He said the next phase will now see Ceps’ volunteers joining with Plaisance residents to relandscape the area so that it can be ready for the Christmas fair in December.

The district administrator, Marie-Anne Florentine, who along with her team also participated in the activity, has welcomed the initiative and was already mobilising citizens for this special engagement.


Patrick Joubert

Photos contributed by Ceps

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