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National Assembly

National Assembly  |25 November 2023

LDS caucus approves all budget appropriations, in the absence of US caucus


The National Sports Council was the first before the National Assembly yesterday to justify its appropriations worth R117.4 million. The delegation was led by the minister responsible for sports, Marie-Celine Zialor, who explained that it was an increase of slightly over R3 million compared to the revised 2023 budget.

She added there was a remarkable reduction in Goods and Services at R27.4 million.

The minister also pointed out that R34.86 million has been earmarked for capital projects and added that NSC is also expected to gain around R13.16 million as foreign grant.

The second entity was the Seychelles National Youth Council with a budget worth R22.3 million; which represented a 7 percent increase or R1.5 million according to Minister Zialor.

The council outlined the various youth programmes and activities it will be carrying out next year that would justify the appropriation.

The House also heard from the Electoral Commission with a sum of R19.3 million, which according to the chief electoral officer, Manuella Amesbury, is an increase of R3.6 million compared to last year’s revised budget.

The Seychelles Human rights Commission, led by chief executive Elvis Julie, justified their appropriation worth R8.9 million while local media house, Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation, explained the expenses in relation to its budget worth R104.8 million. The chief executive, Berard Dupres, informed the House that SBC’s Wages and Salaries is at R67.2 million, while Goods and Services is R42.2 million. He said this was an increase of R827,000 and R9.3 million for wages and goods and services respectively.

The Office of the Public Service Appeals Board, led by its chairperson, Brian Julie, justified its sum of R1.1 million to end the discussions for the day.
It should be noted that the budget allocations were approved by the caucus of Linyon Demokratik Seselwa only, in the absence of the United Seychelles caucus, who is still boycotting the sitting until an investigation is done into an alleged incident against one of their members, namely Johan Loze by LDS member, François Adelaide. All but SBC’s appropriation was approved unanimously. SBC had four LDS members abstained while 16 approved the sum.

Presiding officer, deputy Speaker Gervais Henrie informed the House that evidence was still being collected by deputy clerk and he would allow the due process before pronouncing himself on the matter.


Patsy Canaya


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