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Community, leisure and sports for all: Parent’s Welcome National Competition 2023 |27 November 2023

Community, leisure and sports for all: Parent’s Welcome National Competition 2023

The Grand Anse Praslin pupils celebrating their victory (Photo: Neil Sirame)

Grand Anse Praslin Primary wins the 18th challenge


The Grand Anse Primary School is the grand winner of the 18th Parent’s Welcome National Competition held on Saturday at the Victoria Gymnasium, surpassing their sister school, the Baie Ste Anne Primary, while the Anse Boileau Primary School finished third overall.

A joint initiative between the Ministry of Education and the community, leisure and sports for all unit within the National Sports Council (NSC), the competition, held at the Victoria Gymnasium gathered pupils from ten primary schools – Anse Boileau, Baie Lazare, Au Cap, Baie Ste Anne, La Rosiere, Mont Fleuri, Plaisance, Anse Etoile, Bel Ombre and Grand Anse Praslin – who competed in different disciplines, including rope skipping, hula-hoops and choreography.

The ceremony was officially launched by director for community, leisure and sports for all Francis Remie, including a march-past by competitors, as well performances by pupils from the Anse Boileau and Au Cap schools

To be crowned overall winner, Grand Anse Praslin – winning most of the individual and group awards – collected a grand total of 1323 points, while second-place Baie Ste Anne garnered a grand total of 1221 points.

Third-place finisher Anse Boileau Primary collected a final total of 1186.

Principal officer for Fitness and Health department at the NSC Dorothy Isidore said the event took around two months to prepare, noting that the kids were very engaging in the competition and quite enthusiastic during the different activities.

“They performed very well, but it is a bit sad to see received the participation of only ten schools, which may be because of the timing of the exams which is due next week, however, overall we are all satisfied with the turn out today,” said Miss Isidore, adding that the pupils really made great efforts to impress the judges with their performances.

She also explained that they made a change in venue, switching from the usual International Conference Centre (ICCS) to the Victoria Gymnasium due to unforeseen circumstances.

Miss Isidore said, after shifting to the Victoria Gymnasium, they had team to decorate the vast space, adding that they did a very good job and everyone was satisfied with how everything turned out.

She also added that she was very happy with the music which the participants chose themselves.

“Seeing the smaller ones being enthusiastic towards such activity,  you can notice that they are conscious on the importance of exercise, ” said Miss Isidore, adding that hopefully, more parents will be encouraged to join them to battle obesity in schools,  with the primordial goal being to help  their children.


Neil Sirame


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