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National Assembly

National Assembly |29 November 2023

Budgets for Ministry of Lands and Housing and related entities get parliament approval


The Ministry of Lands and Housing had its appropriation for 2024 approved yesterday after nearly three hours of discussion in the National Assembly where the MNAs sought clarifications on the various housing and land projects throughout the country.

The ministry will be functioning with R406.7 million.

When presenting the budget, Minister Billy Rangasamy explained that it was an increase of R81.7 million compared to the revised 2023 budget. The sum was approved by 21 MNAs, while five abstained.

The second entity before the House was the Seychelles Infrastructure Agency with a sum of R151.9 million, which Minister Rangasamy explained was a R29.5 million increase from the revised 2023 budget. He said the sum will cater for various components under wages and salaries, and goods and services.

This was approved by the MNAs of the ruling party, while the opposition members abstained.

The Planning Authority will be functioning with a sum of R19.6 million in 2024. Its budget was unanimously approved by the National Assembly.

Today the National Assembly will discuss the appropriations for the Seychelles Revenue Commission, the Fair Trading Commission and the Financial Intelligence Unit, as well as other entities, whose budgets will be voted in without debates.


Patsy Canaya

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