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National Assembly

Assembly gives inputs on public health’s programme for HIV, hepatitis, STIs, and TB |06 December 2023

Assembly gives inputs on public health’s programme for HIV, hepatitis, STIs, and TB

Mrs Bistoquet leading the meeting

The Communicable Diseases, HIV/Aids and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) committee of the National Assembly led by chairperson Rosie Bistoquet yesterday met with representatives of the World Health Organisation Regional Office for Africa (WHO-AFRO) and the Ministry of Health.

The aim of the meeting which took place at the National Assembly secretariat was to discuss the Public Health’s programme for HIV, hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and tuberculosis (TB), which is being jointly reviewed along with WHO for inclusion in the ministry’s National Strategic Plan to be drafted in 2024.

It was for the members of the committee to give their inputs and recommendations on how to better control the four communicable diseases.

In his introductory remarks, Dr Mayema Anatole, WHO lead consultant of the joint HIV STI/ viral Hepatitis and TB programme review, said that since arriving in the country he and his team have visited and evaluated the hospitals, health facilities, the private sector, NGOs and even communities on the prevention, diagnostic, care treatment and support they offer towards those diseases.

They also paid courtesy calls on key representatives from the WHO office in the country and from the Ministry of Health.

He said they wanted to meet with the committee to gather some other details or recommendations that would help to modify the report. 

Dr Anatole noted they will soon conduct a preliminary general briefing on the findings related to the ministry’s programme for HIV and Aids, hepatitis, STIs and TB and hopes that it will help to draft the next National Strategic plan given the 2019-2023 plan have come to an end.

In an interview with the media, Mrs Bistoquet said that as legislators they will ensure that laws in place benefit the young and elderly, and the programme gets sufficient funding through the Ministry of Health’s national budget for its implementation.

Other members of the committee present were vice-chairperson Egbert Aglae,  MNAs François Adelaide and Andy Labonte.

MNAs John Hoareau, Audrey Vidot and Doyace Poris were not present due to other National Assembly commitments.

Also present was Marcelle Hoareau, programme manager at the National Aids Control Programme within the Ministry of Health.


Text & photo by Patrick Joubert

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