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National Assembly

Polish ambassador calls on National Assembly Speaker |06 December 2023

Polish ambassador calls on National Assembly Speaker

Speaker Mancienne in discussion with Ambassador Gojdź

The ambassador of Poland to Seychelles, Mirosław Gojdź, yesterday paid a courtesy call on the Speaker of the National Assembly, Roger Mancienne.

Ambassador Gojdź was accompanied by the Consul of Poland, Dominika Mosek.

He thanked the Speaker for the opportunity to meet during this short working visit to Seychelles.

The ambassador, currently based in Kenya, oversees the relations between Poland and the East African region, namely Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Somalia, Uganda and Seychelles.

A principal topic of discussion was the Poland-Seychelles cooperation, and the improvement of the relationship between the two countries. This includes improvements in trade links, an increase in joint tourism, and support for local businesses. The ambassador remarked that while Seychelles is a popular tourist destination for Polish citizens, he would like to see a marked increase in travellers.

Consul Mosek said she hoped to see more Seychellois students making use of the study opportunities in Poland, such as the highly accredited courses for medicine and related faculties. It was noted that students who wish to study in Poland must apply for a visa in Nairobi, Kenya.

However Ms Mosek emphasised that this should not be viewed as a roadblock to aspiring scholars.

Speaker Mancienne responded to the ambassador in kind, noting that it would be beneficial to establish a closer and more direct link with Poland, and increase the levels of engagement on a Parliamentary level.

Discussions also centered on the characteristics of the Polish Legislature and Executive, and the socio-economic condition of the country following the neighbouring Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Ambassador Gojdź reassured the Speaker that the economy has been experiencing sustained growth while the political landscape has remained stable.

As the meeting came to a close, the ambassador communicated warm regards from the Marshal of the Sejm, Speaker of the Lower House of Polish Parliament, Szymon Hołownia.

Mr Mancienne thanked the ambassador and wished him all the best in his ongoing duties.

He also presented the ambassador with a token of appreciation.



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