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Local NGO appeals for donations and volunteers |09 December 2023

Local NGO appeals for donations and volunteers

Ms Pouponneau and Ms Bristol busy separating the items to be distributed to those in needs

Ladies Circle Seychelles is spearheading a collection of donations to assist communities affected by the explosion in Cascade and the flooding and landslides that hit the northern region on Thursday evening.

The group is appealing for essential items including bottled water, food, women and children products such as sanitary items, soap, toilet papers, toothpaste, clothes. Ladies Circle Seychelles has set up two main points of collection at Beau Vallon and Cascade district administration offices to coordinate the collection and distribution to those in need.

It should be noted that around 120 people in the northern region have sought help so far from their DA officers, while over 300 in Cascade.

Speaking to Seychelles NATION in Beau Vallon, the group’s chairperson, Joanna Pouponneau, said since their call for donation soon after the disasters struck, donations have started pouring in from individuals, companies, and guesthouses among others.

“As a women association we are focusing more on women and children’s need. No one is talking about pads, breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women. So we are putting all of that into context,” she explained.

Accompanied by the group’s secretary, Cheryl Bristol, they were busy separating the items to be distributed to those in need. The group has also issued a flyer appealing for more donations and volunteers.

“The shock is wearing off and slowly people are coming forward to donate various items but we need a lot of stuff because so many people have been affected. Some people in the northern region have all their belongings drenched in rainwater and could not save anything in their homes,” stated Ms Pouponneau.

Apart items for people, the NGO is also seeking pet food as a lot of animals have also been affected by the disasters, said Ms Pouponneau.

Ladies Circle Seychelles is also appealing for more volunteers. They have so far commended the ones who have come forward to offer their help.

“In such disasters, let us call on all women to unite, all businesses to unite and for all communities to come together. Stop relying on anyone to help us. If you can, please help each other, but if you cannot just contact us and we will assist you.”

“Until we have stabilised and back on our feet; until our community is laughing and not crying; we will not stop. This is a disaster, let us look at the silver lining. It does not mean that we stop tomorrow. Let us see it as a wakeup call for all communities to come together and find a solution permanently,” she concluded.

The Ladies Circle Seychelles is also seeking assistance from its sister groups from 46 other countries and has set up two foreign accounts, which can be viewed on its social media page, where they could make monetary donations.


Patsy Canaya

Photos by Joena Meme

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