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National Assembly

Seychelles mourns passing of MNA Rosie Bistoquet |23 December 2023

Seychelles mourns passing of MNA Rosie Bistoquet

Seychelles NATION has learnt of the passing of National Assembly member, Honourable Rosie Bistoquet, which occurred on Thursday evening.

Mrs Bistoquet, 62, was a proportionally elected member of the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa caucus.

Before becoming a Member of Parliament, she dedicated her life to the country’s health sector, working as a nurse and midwife for more than two decades.

Her untimely death sent shockwaves through the country, leaving Seychelles in a state of mourning. Messages of condolences have been pouring in since yesterday morning.

In a statement, the National Assembly expressed how it was deeply saddened to announce her tragic passing and the members of the House and staff expressed their profound condolences to family, friends, and colleagues of Hon. Bistoquet.

Hon. Bistoquet was the chairperson of the Committee on Communicable Diseases, HIV/Aids & SRHR, and was a notably active member of the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus, said the statement.

“She is remembered as a dynamic and vibrant participant in the SADC Parliamentary Forum, where she served as an active and influential member, holding the esteemed position of chairperson on the Standing Committee on Human and Social Development and Special Programmes. Throughout her tenure, Honourable Bistoquet made significant contributions to the SADC PF and tirelessly advocated for the rights and welfare of individuals and communities within the region.”

The National Assembly described her death as tragic and one that will leave a void that will be deeply felt in the Parliamentary world, both locally and internationally.

“The impact and contributions she has made will pave the way for future female parliamentarians, as she leaves behind the legacy of an influential and persevering woman in the political sphere and the lasting influence she had on those around her.”

“May her memory continue to inspire and guide us forward,” it concluded.

Her colleagues also expressed their shock and sadness to Seychelles NATION. Terrence Mondon stated they had lost a dear friend and colleague. “She will be sorely missed.  She was highly valued as a working colleague. She had so much more to give. ‘Nou’n perdi en zanfan Takamaka’.”

Kelly Samynadin described the news as one that was hard to bear. “Miss Rosie was a dear and valuable colleague who displayed an immense leadership spirit. She will forever be missed at the National Assembly especially in the women’s caucus but above all, in the LDS family where she was greatly loved and respected.”

George Madeleine, a friend and colleague from the Ministry of Health, also shared how he was deeply saddened by the news and how it was with heavy hearts they bid farewell to a dear friend. “Her radiant smile, warmth, and kindness touched the lives of everyone fortunate enough to have known her. Rosie brought joy and laughter into our lives, creating memories that will forever be etched in our hearts. In this time of sorrow, let us come together to celebrate the beautiful soul she was and find solace in the love and friendship she shared.”

The cause of the sudden demise of Honourable Bistoquet is still being investigated by the police. As a sitting Member of the National Assembly, Hon. Bistoquet’s funeral will be an official one. Provisions are presently being made for a condolence book for the public.


Compiled by VidyaGappy/National Assembly press release

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